Moving Policy

The following rules pertain to moving furniture, equipment and supplies in and out of Primera Tower I-V. There are three passenger elevators servicing all floors and a service elevator. The service elevator is the only elevator that may be used for deliveries of furniture, freight, etc. During normal business hours, the service elevator is used for mail and light deliveries. This explains why we cannot allow moving or large deliveries during the day. 

The following rules pertain to moving furniture, equipment and supplies. Any delivery personnel or movers that do not adhere to these rules will not be allowed to enter the premises, or will be required to discontinue the move.

  • The delivery area is the only building access allowed for moving.  
  • The service elevator is to be used only during moving and construction. Passenger elevator usage for moving purpose is prohibited. 
  • Clean Masonite sections will be used as runners on all carpeted floor areas where heavy furniture or equipment is being moved with wheel or skid-type dollies. All sections of Masonite must be taped to prohibit sliding. 
  • The moving company must provide and install protective coverings on all walls, door facings, elevator cabs and other areas along the route to be utilized during the move. These areas will be inspected for damage after the move. 
  • The tenant will pay for any damage to the building or fixtures caused by the move. It will be the Tenant’s responsibility to seek reimbursements from the moving company. 
  • Moving must be accomplished before 8:00am or after 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, and at scheduled times on the weekends. Please call the Management Office at (407)878-0971 to schedule your move. Failure to schedule your move will prohibit you from moving, as another Tenant may have scheduled the elevator. 
  • Moving or receiving furniture, i.e., desk, credenzas, etc., equipment or large quantities of supplies must be accomplished before 8:00am or after 5:00pm. Monday through Friday, and scheduled times on weekends. 
  • The moving company must carry insurance including, but not limited to the following:
  • The moving company must provide building management with proof of insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 and shall include the following:
    • Comprehensive Form
    • Premises- Operations
    • Contractual Insurance
    • Broad Form Property Damage
    • Personal Injury

The certificate of insurance must be emailed to bsantos@parmco.com, prior to your move.