Elevator Emergencies

1. Try to obtain the following information from the caller (the object is to keep the person talking while you calmly note voice characteristics and other valuable information): 

a) Exact location of the device
b) Time set up for detonation
c) Description of the device
d) Reason for the threat.
e) Exact words used by the subject.
f) Exact time of the call.

2. Notify the following in this order: 

a) Your office manager or supervisor
b) The Management Office:  407-878-0971
c) Lake Mary Police Department: Dial 911

3. Keep this threat confidential, notifying only those who have a need to know. 
4. Visually search the immediate area for any strange or unusual objects lying around.
5. Follow instructions of the local authorities.

Note: Never disturb a suspicious device. Notify the police; if an explosion does occur, follow instructions given in Section A. If a suspicious device is located, evacuate the area immediately.