Fire Safety

Note: We recommend that you consider appointing a specific person to communicate fire safety issues to all employees within your company. If you choose to assign a fire safety coordinator we recommend you choose and individual who does not travel or is not out of the office frequently. We also recommend a backup coordinator. In the following instructions we will refer to the designated person as the “Fire Warden”.


Fire prevention is an organized plan to protect the safety of personnel and reduce property loss. The best time to stop a fire is before it starts, and looking for and removing potential fire hazards can be the best to do this. Fire hazards are anything that can start a fire, or cause fire to spread.

  1. One fire in five is caused by electricity…
  2. Space heaters in particular can be very dangerous. Use of space heaters in an office building is prohibited because of its violation of fire and life safety codes, and they use more power than what is currently supplied by the circuit breaker.
  3. Coffee pots and hot plates must be closely supervised because they are generally located in out-of-the-way places. They should not have combustible bases. They should also be installed using timers that will automatically turn off at 5:00pm.
  4. Do not use a small lamp-type extension cord for a coffee pot, or a hot plate. The overload could result in a short circuit; or a fire.
  5. Do not place more than one such appliance on a single circuit; otherwise, it may blow a fuse or worse.
  6. Replace or repair frayed or worn extension cords. They can cause short circuits and start fires.
  7. Extension cords across aisles are both a safety and fire hazard.


  1. Good Housekeeping
  2. Keep all mechanical, electrical, and/or phone rooms 100% free of inventory, supplies, furniture, or any storage materials. This is a fire regulation of the Atlanta Fire Department, and any company with such items stored in improper areas will be fined and closed by the Fire Marshall until rooms are emptied.
  3. When waste paper, string or rubber bands are allowed to accumulate on the floor, they become a fire and safety hazard. Place wastepaper, string and rubber bands in containers.
  4. Do not place objects or material on ledges, tops of files, and cabinets where they could fall on someone or furnish fuel for a fire.
  5. Arrange office stock rooms neatly. Discard materials, forms, and non-essential fire hazards.
  6. Investigate all “strange” smells- be sure they are no “fire” smells.
  7. Do not block fire extinguishers; they should be readily accessible and visible.
  8. Maintain clear and unobstructed aisles and exits at all times.


  1. Keep stairwell doors closed. They prevent fire and smoke from spreading.
  2. Please report any ‘exit’ lights that are out or in bad condition.

Detection / Suppression

If you should detect an odor that resembles something burning, but no smoke or flame is visible, please call 407-878-0971 so that the building staff can investigate the situation safely.

In case a small blaze is found, a fire extinguisher should be used while the fire alarm is pulled. The building management office must be notified. Fire alarm pull stations are located on each floor at each stairwell and at each entrance. Familiarize yourself with locations of extinguishers within your premises.

Evacuation – During Business Hours

When the alarm sounds, the floor warden should begin checking to make sure that everyone in your suite is exiting to the nearest stairwell. Touch the door with the back of your hand to make sure it is not hot before exiting. Each employee should be familiar with the shortest route from their desk to the stairwells. If there is smoke at head height do not breathe it, crawl below the smoke line to the stairwell.

Floor wardens need to close the doors after making sure that no one else is the area. If there are handicapped/disabled individuals, pregnant women, or anyone that is immobile because of a medical condition on your floor, assign someone to help them get inside the stairwell landing and report their location to Emergency Personnel or Security.

Fire or Smoke

  1. IMMEDIATELY pull one of the fire alarms
  2. CALL 911- Explain the emergency and request the fire department and/or any other necessary help (ambulance, police, etc.)
  3. THEN notify the Management Office at 407-878-0971.
  4. If possible, attempt to extinguish small controllable fires.
  5. If necessary, relocate personnel from immediate area.
  6. If necessary to leave the building, DO NOT USE ELEVATORS-use the emergency stairwells.
  7. Follow instructions of Fire Department personnel.
  8. Follow instructions of Building Security and Engineers.
  9. Check for the following as soon as possible:

a) Injured or handicapped persons
b) Persons refusing to evacuate.