Deliveries / Directory / Signage / Access / Mailroom

Tenant moves should be scheduled before 8:00am or after 5:00pm, Monday through Friday or on the weekends. All large deliveries must be scheduled with the Management Office 48 hours in advance. Please notify your delivery company of our building and insurance requirements in advance to avoid any unnecessary delays.

The delivery area is located at the side of the building. All deliveries should utilize the delivery area deliveries and contractors must enter through the delivery area.  Deliveries should never come through the main entrance to avoid damaging the granite flooring.


The building directory is located on the first floor in the lobby. All requests for directory signage must be made through the Management Office with the Assistant Property Manager, on the appropriate forms.


All tenant entry signage must be building standard and must be ordered through the Management Office. There should be no signs in any form on the exterior of the building or on doors and windows in common areas without prior written approval from the Management Office.


The Management Office will provide (2) keys for the entrance door to your space. All additional keys will be at the tenant’s expense, which will be billed to them via invoice and addition to their rent statement. The Management Office will have the additional keys made at $15.00 per key, upon written request. All cards must be returned to the Management Office at the end of the lease period. Each card is assigned to a specific person along with the card number and is nontransferable from person to person without prior consent from the Management Office.

Mail Room

Located in the on the first floor near the lobby is a full service mail room.

Amenities include:

  • Tenant mail boxes
  • US Postal Service Mail Box
  • Soft drink vending machine
  • Bulletin board for notices